Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pre & Post Birthday Celebration

Who the hell gave me this idea. I mean to wrote this Pre & Post. Sounds like a wedding post here. Might look like one. But hey, it's my birthday that I'm talking about. Lets see what else that I can wrote it about. 

PRE BIRTHDAY, which fall a day before the birthday date; 14 Oct. I went out with my dearly "lesbian" partner to find stuffs in Ikea. Went there and end up we hang out with other friends also. After some walkout and go round and round, end up I got my favourite cake! Sponge cheese cake! SO happy! Even it's not that expensive like what other people want, it is THAT nice OK. Special thanks to my ex colleague and her friend. Appreciate it so much! I really love it. Hugs. This was unexpected and so did they come over at the first place. 

POST BIRTHDAY! This is the amazing one so far. Me and best friend went for Grand Lexis PD. Like how we always did. Pleasuring ourselves after one great escapes to another. This time the Grand Lexis is our choice. Comes with private pool in every room, we did enjoyed it very much. Worth paying I should say. Everything in the hotel do satisfy our needs. Indeed, that is how she arranged such of sweet surprise belated birthday celebration in the room! 

This is how she planned it, after all done, she told me this. She asked me to jump in the pool and hang around while she asked weather to have any dessert send in the room since we are pleasuring ourselves. Then there goes my choice, Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream. Very tempting. So while she is on the phone at that time, I did not suspect anything. Seriously, I did came sit next to her and still taking pictures. Still, I did not expect anything. After we hang around the pool, swim, dance like crazy, took pictures etc etc. Comes the people knocked the door, she ran to the door and I ran the other side since I just because I am wearing something improper. Then she took quite a time at the door. After few minutes, tadaaa! My God. Such of sweet moments that I ever received in my whole life! Thanks Raja Puteri NurNisaa, you had done so much to me. Appreciate everything that you had done. Thank you so much. Me love you best friend. Forever.

Friends, and this is what they had gave to me in on my birthday months. Love much.

Friday, October 19, 2012


It's been awhile right people? Anyway, let's start and update the whole thing now now. Since I'm yet very happy. 

15 Oct 2012. 
The best date ever in this whole year and yet very very memorable to me. WHY is that? Lots of updates and HEY! It's my BIRTHDAY! I turned 23 years old and this is amazing. Feeling of being in this age? I don't know yet. CLUELESS maybe. HAHA.

The BEST birthday give, *let's see who had gave me such of wide smile on my birthday*

LOVE; MuhammadHafiz - This is what he had send to me. *even we are in the big fight right at this moment*

:- Epy besdy 2 u, epy besdy 2 u, epy besdy 2 my cinta epy besdy 2 u.. selamat ulng taun ke 23 syg.. hope besdy awk taun nie membwa seribu erti dlm hdup awk, org tau org byk uat awk mkn atu smpi awk jd gle.. org respect awk sbb awk usaha gak dpt kn org.. akhirnye org jd milik awk gak.. org hlng xnk lyn awk 4 bln tu bkn pe org sje nk tgk awk cm mne kalo org xde dlm hdup awk.. tp terbkti awk xbleh hdup tnpa org.. org sgt b'sykr lpas org uat istikarah minx ALLAH tnjk sape jodh org, awk yg de dlm mmp org.. insykALLAH kalo xde pape hlngan kte kawin syg.. hope awk xcm dlu ag, kalo xtau xpe tau siap la.. hrap org la p'tama wish bsdy awk.. sory org xpnah bg awk hadiah, yg org nk awk tau org syg awk lbh dr awk sygkn org, hope awk la org yg p'tama n awk gak org t'akhr dlm hdup org.. kte bina rmah tngga yg bhagia syg xnk ada antra kte uat hal.. love u syg miss u so much dear.. lpas bce kol org la jgn lpe tau syg.. SAYANG NORYADZREIN SANGAT2.

That is how much he wrote for me on my birthday. And of course, I cried! He is the only one that make me feel so special and yet the ONLY ONE that understand me most. No matter how hard the situation is, he always be there for me. Without asking why, he will just do it for me. He never ask for return, but the honesty that he ask is more than anyone can imagine. Yes for anyone else, maybe it sounds so simple. But for me, it's not. To maintain and pleased him the way he want it and yet in his way, it's obviously NOT THAT EASY. In this four years plus, I had break my leg the way it should be and trying to give the level best to be with him. Alhamdulillah, he is worth fighting and waiting for. Thanks sayang.. For being there for me. All the time. LOVE.

FRIENDS! ; Thank you for ALL the warm wishes that I received from anywhere and everyone that knows me. I LOVE EVERYONE of you. Up until today, I haven't reply them yet. I don't find the time yet. Sorry friends. Not that I don't appreciate you, just it will take sometimes for me to reply to all of you. Promised that I will reply. :)

: NURIESYA NADIA! <--- THIS WOMAN! We had went through though times for the past four months since June. The one that I had frustrated to. She is the special gift for me for this birthday. WHY? Friendship. Forgiveness. That is what she had gave to me. After all this while, and after what had happened, she wished me! We had become friends AGAIN. I was smiling widely in the morning on my birthday since she Whatsapp me before went off to office. That what she did and she even update her blog and dedicate it for me, 

" Dear si gemok pendek , happy belated birthday. May Allah bless u with joy and happiness. Semoga masih boleh tinggi even rasenya peluang amat sangatlah tipis. Kahkahkah. Semoga awak happy dengan orang yang tersayang especially dengan ibu ayah dan Apot gendut. Miahahaha. Hope lepas ni no more fighting. Penat mak jemah nak gado dengan awak , tak challenging langsung !! Semoga cepat cepat kawen and dapat baby. Minta minta tak pendek cam awak. :P Last but not least , ni je birthday pressie yang kite mampu bagi. A new chapter insyaAllah. Daaaa~ Sambung skype jom. Byeeee !!~ "


After all, we did not asked each other what had happened before this and yet each of us know that who is making up stories and who is not. I do not want to know about what had happened. Anything happened for reasons and I shall thank her for everything. Even how bad the situation before this, she been there with me and InsyaAllah everything shall remain the way it supposed to be. Thanks babe for being there. I can't give like how you had showed me but I will try my best not to ruined this for second time. Whatever happens after this, we shall talk to each other before blaming. Note to myself too. I can't finished thank you but no other words than THANK YOU.

: FAZLI, AZLINA, FATIN & MIRA = Surprise birthday cake in Nasi Kandar Berkat Ariffin during lunch. This great buddies had gave me such of memorable birthday as they bought me cake! During lunch and at Mamak. How sweet is that? Even a slice of cake and very simple so called celebration, I do feel touched. They are the peoples that being with me through ups and downs. They always be there for each other in need. Thanks for the lovely cake everyone. These people never turned back wherever or whatever we had gone through. I do LOVE ALL OF YOU VERY MUCH. Hope this will never ends. 

Born in 15 Oct 1989 and this is my 23 years old birthday story! :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Hopefully at this time everyone does not get tired from my unending story about us. Alhamdulillah, as for now, we are happy with each other. No other person had tear us apart and as for now, we are that happy. 

Both of us had a good time whenever we talked, laughed to each other, make silly conversations become so interesting. After all, yes, I am happy as for now. Whichever sadness that had happened between us, I shall forget and try to make this relationship at this time; grows better and stays forever. InsyaAllah.

Dear Muhammad Hafiz, PLEASE let this happen forever. Nothing else that I ever want. Me and just me until Allah end the relationship between us. Allah had put the faith for us to let this relationship grows and I really hope this will be forever. 

Muhammad Hafiz and Noryadzrein; THIS IS US