Friday, April 1, 2011


here it goes again. after years had passed, i'm here!! back to the blog and still typing at 5.20a.m.

here is some of the updates, IF nak tau. hauhuahua. tak nak? sila tekan button lain. :P

years back(mcm lama sgt), college life is over and i went to Convex KLCC to undergo my training. better not to talk about it anymore. :)

LOVE life had went LOTS critical moment which i find myself very stupid dealing with it. KANNN? if encik boyfie sedang baca, SORRRRRYYYY.

FRIENDS and friendship, SUPERB! had went for our 1st vacay together and it was AWSOMEEEE! :D love love! girlfriends yet still planing for another trip later. we shall seeeee.. yeay!

WORKING life! and this is the MOST interesting part of all. i went out for some interviews. *macam bagus sangat nak pegi banyak2 kannn. =.=. FINALLY i get one post as FOA in Flamingo by The Lake Ampang. nearby house, not that far. and people here is AWSOMEEE! tak sombong and tak memilih bulu. hehe. working here had thought me that not everything comes for free. KALAU TAK,, normal dialogue with ibu will start with this,

me : IBUUUUU *dgn muka confident
ibu : apa lagi??
me : nak duit.. nak pegi makan. isi minyak, bla bla bla.
ibu : kau nie, tak habis2 mintak! *dgn muka sakit jiwa,kasik rm50.* utk SEMINGGU!
me : fineee. mintak ayah pulak camni
ibu : mintak la kalau dapat!
me : *dgn muka redha* ayah memang tak kan bagi laa.

NOW, i am glad and thankful that i am working and my salary had covered all my expenses. *kadang2 over budget jugak* haha. ALHAMDULLILAH. :)

things happen behind all these stories will not be revealed la kan. or else kena banned pulak. hahaha. so moral of the story is, to search and to do something that u like and u feel happy by doing it. :)

p/s to all people in my life, i miss all of you and i will keep all the love that had given to me. cherish the moment! *tiba2 emo nak menangis pulak. ish! :(


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