Thursday, August 16, 2012


Seventeenth, the number that I shall remember the most. This is the date where everything begins between me and him. This date always bring me back to the memories that we shared and we sailed with each other for the past few years. Which to be exact it had been 4 years and 2 months today. Coincidence, he called around midnight as what he always did. But the date had been reminded each of us to just recalled back all the memories. To remember each and everything sweet and loveable moments that we had, so much that I would not and I hope I will not forget every single thing. But the sad things, the mistakes that I had done overwhelmed the love that we shared and cherish together. The wrong steps that I had took had put this relationship to the wall and cracked. Like glass slammed on the wall. 

What else can I say about this relationship? Never end? He did put the full stop the other day. But I did told him that he can never be replaced. He still contacted me like usual, we still talked like how we used to. I can't lie to myself that I still can't get rid of him. He is that special to me and I don't want that to end. By reminding myself that we are not together like last time, it bring my tears. My sadness that I can't hold him in my arms, I can't be in his arms either. The warm hugs that I always had last time, to cry on his shoulder and to sit beside him again, that is all that I can dream of. To make it happen, I can't tell, because Allah have a better plan for each and everyone of us in the future. InsyaAllah, when that happen I shall praising to Him after all these happened, I had learned to be a better person. Mistakes that had been done, I can never change, but I shall learn. 

To love and mr you know who you are, both of you did had the place in my life. 

For you Mr you know who you are, as for our future, I shall leave it to Allah. I can never tell more than that. My heart is to the love but if Allah wrote something else, please forgive me. I cannot give more than I have in this life. I appreciate on what you had done in the couple months but I'm sorry, I don't think that we can make it that far. I'm deeply sorry. 

Seventeenth, you had thought me so much that I can remember and I shall leave this to faith. 

Rein, and this is my seventeenth story. Love much.

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