Sunday, September 23, 2012


Hello everyone! As I browse through YouTube, watched some of the videos around and I end up with this song. Quite old one but the lyrics shown how much this woman missed the guy and this is what I feel. I miss my CINTA so much. He is that far and we did not contact that much like how we used to. I MISS HIM! Ya Allah, please let this love grows and never die in each other heart. Let's enjoy the lyric. 

Tergoda aku 'tuk berfikir 
Dia yang tercinta 
Mengapa t'lah lama tak nampak 
Dirimu disini 
Jangankan ingin ku tersenyum 
Tak ada gairah 
Kuingin s'lalu bersamamu 

Kini ku resah... 
Diriku lemah tanpamu 

Gapai semua jemariku 
Rangkul aku dalam bahagiamu 
Kuingin bersama berdua selamanya 
Jika kubuka mata ini 
Kuingin s'lalu ada dirimu 
Dalam kelemahan hati ini 
Bersamamu... Aku tegar... 

Aku tegar

Song : Tegar; Singer : Rossa

Right at this moment all I can think about is having him for my entire life. Please pray the best for us dear friends. Cinta, you had thought me so much until I can't live without you beside me. May Allah hear us and grant the wish. InsyaAllah. 

17062008 and this is my unending LOVE story. MuhammadHafiz. 

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