Thursday, May 17, 2012

End & Begin

A date to remember. 17 May 2012. Yes. This date. It was supposed to be a date to celebrate. But this is the date that the relationship end. After few days of not talking, which to be exact not even any contact, it end. What more can I say other than accepting what had happened between us and yet keep it as a memories. THE END of HS. :/

A new chapter of the New Rein shall begin soon. And yes. It starts today either. After few months of not talking to each other, we had became friends again. And yes. He is the man that I used to love, to cherish and the one that had become a better person. *I think*. Nothing more than thank you Allah. Alhamdullilah for the day that you had gave to me. I can't be more than this happy person on earth when he is back into my arms. Not as my Love my as my very good friend that never turn back to me. 

Alhamdullilah. After few months of torturing of heart, part of it had came back. Not for the sake of love that I'm looking at, but forgiveness that I'd seek for quite a time. Yes. He had talked to me and yet he already contact me for quite a few days. Happy for eternity. Nothing more than that. I love him and he had the very special place and yet my top priority after my family. I know that is too much but what else can I say? He is that important to me. 

Something for you Encik Muhammad Hafiz wahai pembaca blog orang yg setia,
Hari ni was my very very AMAZING day ever. Dah lama kita tak borak and hangout macam tu. Tak de apa yang lebih orang happy dari apa yang jadi harini. Awak sentiasa ada dengan orang even apa pun jadi and orang sangat2 harap awak still macam tu sampai bila2. Yang lain lain kita tunggu and lihat je la kan? For commitment yang masing2 tak tau mana beginning and end dia, kita tunggu and lihat je la ye. Awak pun dah nak pergi training tak lama lagi. Doa orang sentiasa dengan awak and orang harap awak dapat apa yang awk impikan selama nie. Kita mungkin tak kan back macam dulu tapi kita still kawan baik kan? Nothing more insyaAllah. Jodoh kita letak kat Allah. InsyaAllah, ada yang akan menanti nanti. Awak sentiasa my top priority and insyaAllah tak kan ada lelaki lain yang boleh amik special place awak tu. Sorry over pulak. Suka sangat arini. Tiba2 kan. HAHA. Then again, have a good life ahead untuk future later. Just do not EVER lupa kan orang. Stress orang nanti. HAHA. Me miss you. Hugs and kisses. 

Love much. 

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