Saturday, May 12, 2012



It's my second post for this time. Life. Clueless. But something is progressing. This happened when she did update her status about being patient and stay there. Happens that he commented around the same time that I did. And we keep continuing replying each other. And now I'm still msg-ing with him. ALHAMDULILLAH. That's how he expect me to update my blog and yes I am!! Alhamdulillah.. He is talking to me now. He is giving me advises that I can't think of. He is the one that is there for me. After all that happened between us, he is still there. Ya Allah, show me the best way in my life. I had went through all these after what I had done to him. 

Praying hard for a better life. Please be with me dear luck. I can't never ask for more from anyone. No more. 

Much love. 

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