Monday, May 7, 2012


Its been awhile. But never been forgotten. All the decisions making had lead me into something that me myself can't figure it out. Sometimes, making decisions never been easy when you have to think about others feelings. I can't never satisfy everyone but more or less I will try my level best to be make them happy. By the end of the day, you will might need them either. So the best is not to think about yours before others. Most of the people told that, yours first then others. But I can't never do that as I scared that might hurt them the most. FAIRYTALE. 

See. All those wise talk, nice words never been easy to make it in this REAL world. Can you really give something or someone to others when you really love it? Most will get the NO instantly. So yeah, I had made mine and I know that decision at one day had made someone or some of the people around not that happy. But think, now or forever they want to be in lies? I can't lie to myself that I don't love you. Yes. I like you but I don't love you. It is better for me or you to say it wisely and that early so that neither one of us will get hurt by the end of the day. Kan? But for other part of people will say that, "why you accept when you want to reject?". See here. Me! I can't and don't know how to reject! Maybe sooner or later this kind of people will know by their own that I don't mean to hurt them. It's just I don't want the people that deserve to be happy end up with tears because of me. Alhamdulillah. As far as I concern, this peoples had found their happiness. My prayers is always with them for their happiness InsyaAllah. 

To those who found me not as good as what they expected, it is up to you how you want to judge me. You are not that good either if you keep continuing talking about me. Showing me such of double standard? Yes maybe as what I can see from my side. And you know what? Life is KARMA. Whatever happens later, do not ever turn back to whoever that you hate last time. But yeah. Up to you. I can never tell what will happen next. I can just pray for your happiness and hoping for a better life for you. But whatever shits that had happened toward us and my life, you have no right to tell me what to do. Advise is acceptable but please. I don't need you to decide what can and can't in my decision wise. And you had DONE it. It's fine. I still can accept all those. For now. And I really find it freaking ANNOYING when you act with my EX's and MY FRIENDS like nothing happened. Darn you. Yeahhh. You are THAT pretty and kind and etc etc. Good luck dearly Girlfriend. You NEVER been forgotten. Obviously SO NOT the good things because all the bad thoughts and attitude had went over the goods deeds that we had done together. Sorry. You are just too much. Go and take advantage to others as much as you want. Because that is you. SO YOU. 

Hey Rein, its LIFE right? Deal with it. Dealing now. And yet I am standing stronger because I know I did the right things for the sake of my own LIFE. I don't need others to tell me which is good or bad. After all, I am the one who is dealing with it. I know it sounds too much ego and such. But like what I said. Advise is acceptable but not DECIDE for me. I can take everyone's advise but not you yourself make one for me. Even my parents never done such to me. Whatever it is, I'm living my life peacefully now. Nice when you have time for your own and people around did not take advantage on you. Arrogant you Rein. Till then. Pray for me dearly friends. Before I forget something, friends which had known me THAT long NEVER did such as what she did. 


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