Saturday, May 12, 2012


Mine, Haris Syazwan. It's been weeks for us. Between me and you, I cant predict anything and I don't want to be one either. All I want at this moment is for you to appreciate me as the way I did now. If we are meant to be together but who can predict the future right? Things had happened and with the small mistake that I had done and yes. Until now at this moment you did not find me. If she is that important to you, why came into my life? Why giving me hopes when you can't be there? Nice one Haris. You had just make me fall down then again. Thank you so much. I should not be writing this as this is so not private as how you want it to be. But who should I spoke to. Who should I refer to when people around is having their good life? I can't just ran to them and tell everything about us. I just not such of person. 

To you Mr Muhammad Haris Syazwan, thanks for making me in such of way. You just did that. You make me cried for you. Things that I only can do it with ex last time. And you had make me did it again. End it with such of way? If you don't want me, don't make me feel like one. You can always be my friend. I just can't bare it when thinking this relationship will end when it's not even our FIRST month yet! But when it comes to feelings that can't be predicted, who am I to say too much about it. You can always said that you love me but you don't. You can always said that you care when you don't. Thank you so much Haris. Thanks for your time that you had spent and everything that had happened between us. I will wait until you said it, if you don't come back, I'll understand myself what this relationship had shown. 

Dear everyone, sorry because had been burden with my problems all around. For words that had said, actions that had been done, and advises that never been heard, I am so sorry. Then again, I FAILED. Magnificently. 

Noryadzrein, and here's what I had went through.

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